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Eric Allain
via Google

I absolutely love the BJJ classes here. The instruction is excellent, the staff is friendly, helpful and well organized and the facilities are great. All this comes together to create an environment where the students help each other learn and improve. It is this that really does it for me. PAMA is not just a place to train, it is a community of friends. BJJ is hard. It can be demoralizing. Having helpful, encouraging friends to train with is what keeps me coming back. It is this that will push me to finally get that black belt some day.

Julia Benson
via Google

I love coming here. I have improved my Muay Thai technique. A lot of experienced students in the class make sparring fun. Beyond all of this PAMA is a community.

Sean Kavanagh
via Google

Great place to train and has the largest media presence I've ever experienced in any of the BJJ gyms I've trained at. That is a good thing because it lets you know what you are signing up for and makes the gym culture available to see online. And it is a great culture which is very friendly and welcoming of new students and has a desire to see people continuously improve whether it is BJJ or Muay Thai.

Blair Cuneo
via Google

Excellent Women’s Self Defense class! Walked away with several very good techniques.

Mitch Ludwig
via Google

I recently moved to the area and dropped by to check out the bjj classes. I've been training bjj for the better part of a decade and can say without a doubt that this has been one of the most welcoming gyms I've ever experienced. Great instruction with a good mix of belt levels that gives everyone an opportunity to learn.

Dylan Olson
via Google

I like to get to know a school for a while before giving a review. That said, I've been training in PAMA's BJJ program for about a year now. I came to this school as a 2 stripe blue belt and have had training from several different places over the years. I can say honestly that the Pendergrass brothers have succeeded at creating and continuously cultivating an amazing environment for learning. You feel like family as soon as you walk in the door. And regardless of whether you've never trained before or have been training for decades, there is something here to learn and grow in for everyone. The instructors are patient, love what they do and can break down concepts in ways anyone can understand. The culture here at PAMA is consistently positive and inclusive. Classes are organized well and more experienced students (upper belts) are always willing to help those looking for guidance. If you're looking for a place to train, just stop by PAMA and see for yourself.

Chris George
via Google

The professionalism of the staff is unmatched. All of the instructors are great with kids. Both of my kids love being here.

James Willison
via Google

This is a great to train both mind and body in the art of BJJ. The main instructors, Guy and Rob, are knowledge and care about their students. I was particularly impressed that they (and other instructors) already knew my name despite not having formally introduced myself to them. That’s a little thing, but it meant they want to know who is coming to their facility. As well, the other students, particularly the upper belts, are great training partners. In my experience, they know when to go hard and also when to help a beginner out. PAMA is an excellent place to train and to be a part of a community looking to improve themselves on and off the mats.

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